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Kicky ™ football professional trainer

<transcy>Kicky ™ football professional trainer</transcy>

Kicky ™ football professional trainer

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Use the time at home and train alone & anywhere

If the Corona time also forces you to stay at home, then use the time effectively to optimize your training. Our kicky Football professional trainer offers the best alternative to stay active. You don't need a partner and it is perfect for children who want to improve their concentration and accuracy. Keep yourself and your children fit and watch how you improve every day.

What distinguishes the professional soccer player from the average?

The Number of ball touches , the Marksmanship and the time it takes
with the training spend. With the Kicky Trainer the path to becoming a professional is getting a lot closer.

Take your training to the next level!

☑️ SIMPLY TRAIN ALONE During lockdown, it is best to practice alone. Our Kicky Solo trainer is the best solution to keep you and your children fit . Don't stop training and keep yourself fit.

☑️ PROFESSIONAL BALL CONTROL The additional cable creates a strong rebound which is perfect for practicing the adoption and the Ball control suitable.
The kicky Trainer takes your workouts to the next level. If you want to become a professional gamer, then you have to train like one too .

You have to do this workout a lot react fast and keep you on the ball focus . This will help you to assert yourself better in soccer matches later and To score goals .

You can do the ball shoot in every direction and height , this simulated preferably real training situations and helps you to receive the ball and to pass.

Don't waste any more time with having to run after the ball all the time and increase the repetitions & effectiveness of your training units .

"Success is not a matter of coincidence. It's hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, but most of all, loving what you are doing or about to learn. " Pele

How is it used properly?
  1. Thread one side of the Velcro through the Fixed buckle hole.
  2. Guide the other side of the Velcro through the second hole.
  3. Tighten the Velcro on both sides and put it in the correct position by the stomach.
  4. Fix the Velcro fastener and you can start training.

Good to know
  • High quality and durable materials
  • Kinetic cord (2.5 m) with a stretch length of up to 5.5 m
  • Fixation made of neoprene for all ball sizes (3, 4 and 5)
  • Waistband with Velcro and clip
  • Solo trainer for more concentration and feeling for the ball

What are you getting?
  • Adjustable & flexible cable
  • Waist belt
  • Ball lock

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Finally a sportswear company that knows what it's doing. The leggings are super durable and really breathable! What other big brand manufacturers promise and never keep is simply put into practice here.

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