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Standard program

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Standard program

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Discover our Standard program for beginners & advanced and get started right from the start. With Help from our personalized plan and nutrition tips, you are halfway to your dream body.

Start today and secure your individual offer:


We discuss your goals & wishes and tell you how you can achieve them the fastest. We take any injuries and weaknesses into account and develop the perfect strategy for you.

Individual training plan

After the anamnesis, we create a personalized plan for you for 8, 10 or 12 weeks and adapt it to your needs (strength building, muscle building, weight loss, rehab training).

Nutrition tips

You will get an overview of the most important foods that will help you lose weight / gain weight.

Personalized nutrition plan

You get the chance to talk to a certified nutrition coach and you will then receive an individual nutrition plan that is tailored to your needs. This serves as the basis for your dream body, which you will keep forever!

One-time movement analysis

We analyze and correct the most important movement sequences in different exercises via Whatsapp / Skype / video. This ranges from heavy exercises such as squats, bench press, etc. to stabilization exercises for individual muscle and joint groups.

You get that from us:

✔️ anamnese : Pre-analysis to create your perfect plan

✔️ Individual training plan : You indicate the direction and we will design the best strategy for it (running training, physio, strength building, diet plan, martial arts)

✔️ Nutrition tips : You have already tried everything, but without much success? We will show you how to achieve your goals sustainably without having to make drastic cuts in your diet. Together we will bring you to your destination

✔️ Nutrition plan : Diets always mean a drastic cut in your lifestyle. We'll show you how you can easily and effectively change your diet without putting any strain on your body. You learn to eat healthier and more consciously and thus create a long-term basis for your body. END of diets that force you to starve all day. Learn how to build your sustainable lifestyle.

✔️ Motion analysis : Unilateral burden? Pain in knee or shoulder joints? Bent over posture? -> Many of these problems come from the wrong posture when performing the training sessions. We analyze your movement behavior and show you exercises to compensate for deficits. We create professional physiological concepts that take care of your problems.

✔️ Home workout resistance tapes : You get completely free our popular fitness set for our joint workouts.

You can also contact us for a personal initial interview contact to remove any last doubts. We take the appropriate time for each customer!

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What customers say about us

At first I was skeptical whether the advertising promise could be kept. But after the first delivery and first experiences I can say with a clear conscience: Everything is TOP!

Clear shop, fast shipping and you are also provided with interesting information about the startup. The result is a family atmosphere and you almost feel part of it.

Finally a sportswear company that knows what it's doing. The leggings are super durable and really breathable! What other big brand manufacturers promise and never keep is simply put into practice here.

Super fast delivery, easy payment via Klarna. Super comfortable training pants and t-shirts.

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